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We live for our art and we feel close to those who use their own to express themselves.

#EmbraceHeritage is an invitation to discover and embrace genuine values, making them our selection compass and our creative guide. Following this philosophy, Sturlini makes the product its cornerstone, underlining the importance of emotional involvement with it and its relationship with the context and the community, in which it is born and that surrounds it. This is a balanced relationship, where passion and creativity give life to something new, a link that intimately connects the craftsman who creates the product and the customer who chooses it. We live for our art and we feel close to those who use their own to express themselves.


Born in Bulgaria and based in Mallorca, Alexandra is a visual artist, poet and culturologist. Her works draw inspiration from primitive cultures, from the primordial representation of people – and mainly of the female figure – and how this fits into the life cycle of nature. And yet, Alexandra regards images, poems, and sculptures only as the end of a ritual, of a process; the visible part of an exploration into the etymology of myth, which takes her from mythology to anthropology.

While I am realising my creative process, I feel I am one with the moment; it is an incomparable feeling of bliss and ecstasy; at that point, I don’t want to be anywhere else or do anything else.


A creative studio based in Mallorca and Ibiza. Ola Kawalko and Adrian Martinez Mari produce ceramics and clothing with their own hands, supporting small local artisans of both islands. They relentlessly pursue their vision to turn their passion and values into product, underlining and enhancing the context in which this is born. Moreover, they assume their social responsibility by paying attention to environmental issues and the community as a whole.

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