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We live for our art and we feel close to those who use their own to express themselves.

#EmbraceHeritage is an invitation to discover and embrace genuine values, making them our selection compass and our creative guide. Following this philosophy, Sturlini makes the product its cornerstone, underlining the importance of emotional involvement with it and its relationship with the context and the community, in which it is born and that surrounds it. This is a balanced relationship, where passion and creativity give life to something new, a link that intimately connects the craftsman who creates the product and the customer who chooses it. We live for our art and we feel close to those who use their own to express themselves.


Born and raised on a farm 150 km north of London, Joshua has lived and worked in Spain for the past 10 year.
His work is currently predominantly centred around an investigation into traditional concepts of labour and its relationship with artistic production.

The geographical origins of Joshua’s painted landscapes and the individuals which inhabit these scenes are often indiscernible. The narrative ambiguity and lack of conceptual information within the images intends to generate discourse among the viewers, leading to questions around a number of contemporary social political, societal and emotional issues.

When I cook I make food to nourish all my senses not only my stomach, it is a source of healing and the cooking of it an act of love

Grace Berrow

Grace is a chef living and working from her little beach restaurant in Mallorca. Her food follows the ever evolving seasons and is a celebration of the raw ingredients growing from the Mallorcan soil from local farmers and co-operatives.

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