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Our story

In 1967 Rolando Sturlini founded the shoe factory in the heart of the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

In 1967 Rolando Sturlini founded the factory of shoes in the heart of the beautiful Tuscan countryside. It was a true family business from the start. Anna, wife of Roland, was in charge of the stitching department, a highly skilled and respected division of the production process. Initially, the company chose to specialize in the manufacture of loafers through a small team of skilled craftsmen. Meanwhile, through the quality and authenticity of the products, the world began to learn about the Sturlini family’s shoes. In the early 70s the company experienced

a great success thanks to the hand-stitched shoe. During the early 80s, Rolando Sturlini was able to embrace new markets by beginning an ambitious partnership with a high-end British fashion brand which, thanks to this Italian collaboration, went on to become a modern and stylish brand. In 1990 Alessio Sturlini, son of Rolando, joined the family and continued, with the same energy and spirit, to create quality footwear. Looking to the future, together with their artisan shoemakers, the goal of the Tuscan company is to grow globally by exporting a brand that stands for the excellence, originality and style of Italian shoes.

Our origins

The Medici, the ancient Florentine family of central importance in Italian culture, represented by the “six spheres” coat of arms, gave splendor to the land of Tuscany after the Middle Ages. In the fifteenth century, the Sturlini family founded its first workshop in Florence near Ponte Vecchio where, thanks to the Medici family, it developed into a flourishing craft industry, giving rise to those exquisite creations that made the Renaissance great.

Throughout history the Sturlini family often crossed paths with that of the Medici until consummating their bonds through marriage among two representatives of the families.

Today the Sturlini brand is guardian to the handwritten secrets of leather processing, dedicated to a product of superior craftsmanship with an always original and innovative design.

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