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Artisan Quality

We select leathers full of character and natural finishes, showcasing the beauty of leather full of natural marks, including growth marks, veins and scars, which should not be seen as imperfections, but rather as the beauty of the natural material. No two pieces are alike. We use many natural tanning processes, including vegetable tanning, which uses elements such as tree bark, fruit and leaves in the process. This is one of the oldest and most artisan tanning methods.

We do not coat or dye our leathers, allowing us to exclude variations in shades and differences in surface structure. All leather improves with wear; many of our shoes develop a rich patina over time and the very character of the leather improves, the color becoming more intense and taking on a brighter shine. Due to the natural finish of our leathers, their color can transfer to other materials. We suggest storing them away from heat sources and direct light.


All our shapes and models are designed in-house by our pattern makers. Starting with a blank canvas each time, we always seek to improve what has already been done while also following market demands. We always dedicate the utmost attention to maintaining the comfort and naturalness that distinguishes our product, creating a perfect combination of fashion, comfort and craftsmanship.

Our materials

Our products are made with Italian materials, almost at 0 km, selected by hand by our employees who have years of experience and know every characteristic of the type of leather used. The continuous search for natural materials is also highlighted by the growth marks, veins and scars that can be seen in our shoes. These should not be considered defects, but rather the exaltation of the product's genuineness. This makes it possible to claim that each of our shoes is unique: wearing Sturlini footwear means having a unique pair of shoes in the world. The leathers used are tanned with vegetable processes, always in full respect of the environment.

The continuous search for innovation and attention to our surroundings has led us to seek new tanning solutions, using for example tree bark, leaves, and walnut shells. We use new processes that refer to the old leather processing systems, whose naturalness means that our leathers are not covered by artificial finishes to obtain uniform colors and surfaces. All this allows our shoes to live and age over time, creating that patina of experience that enhances their craftsmanship even more. As with everything natural, heat and overly bright light could alter all these unique characteristics over time.


Our shoes are completely made in our company, entrusted to the expert hands of our collaborators who take care of every single product down to the last detail. This allows us to be sure that all our shoes reflect the characteristics that have always distinguished us.

By making small productions for select customers, we only use machinery for a few necessary operations. The almost exclusively manual processing therefore allows us to affirm that Sturlini shoes are in all respects artisan.

Artisan finishing

The glossy, aged aspect of our creations comes from the care put into the final finishing.

Given the naturalness of the materials used, each pair of shoes is carefully checked and treated according to its specific particularities. The finishing with creams and natural-material brushes used by skilled hands accentuate its characteristics, and beyond giving the shoe its final appearance, also guarantees the necessary protection over time and use..

If the shoe reflects the spirit of the Sturlini brand upon the final inspection, it will be packaged for shipment.

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