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Flexibility and colour

    Everything starts with the choice of materials: deerskin, buffalo skin and calfskin — all ecological — are chosen from the best Tuscan tanneries and checked by our technicians, hide by hide.

    Skilled cutters enhance its natural qualities and characteristics, without considering signs of growth, veins and scars as defects but rather as a celebration of the product’s authenticity.


      Like most STURLINI products, what makes the MATCH moccasin unique is the fact that all the uppers are in a neutral colour. The materials we use are defined as CRUST, that is, they are materials that are not completely dyed in the tannery. The final step, that of dyeing in the final colour, is done by us. Every year, we choose the most beautiful and current colours and we make the dyes by mixing various natural materials, such as tree bark, fruit and leaves or their essences. This is an ancient system that is nevertheless still modern and increasingly sophisticated.

      It is also very delicate: even just a gram of weight difference or a few degrees of incorrectly assessed temperature can affect the final result. However, this has allowed us to experiment with different proportions and to realise that, if we wanted to, we could create a practically infinite range of colours. As we only use natural materials and do not apply chemical corrective agents, it is not always possible to obtain a uniform colour throughout the production. There may be some difference in shades between pairs, but this means that each pair of STURLINI shoes is totally unique.


      The MATCH 8460 moccasin is the historical model produced by STURLINI. Made for the first time in 2017, it has become the most sought-after item from the women’s collection, in both summer and winter. This success was achieved by carefully studying the shape, the model and the sole for more than a year. Errors and new solutions allowed us to arrive at the product that is now appreciated by thousands of people. It encapsulates the essence of our brand: craftsmanship combined with fashion and innovation.


      The MATCH moccasin was the first product made with our patented Versilia® construction. Through the unusual assembly insole designed by us, the MATCH moccasin offers a qualitatively superior result in terms of comfort and

      flexibility, and superior softness compared to other widely used construction techniques. These benefits are also obtained in part thanks to the use of ecological and antibacterial materials of the highest quality for making the Versilia® insole.


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