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Before you can change the world you must realise that you, yourself, are part of it.

- The Dreamers (2003)

On the occasion of Bernardo Bertolucci’s 80th birthday, Sturlini remembers the great Italian director and pays homage to his masterpiece, The Dreamers.

Bernardo Bertolucci was an Italian film director, screenwriter and producer. One of the most important filmmakers in international cinema, he has directed such successful films as Last Tango in Paris, 1900 and The Last Emperor, which won him an Oscar for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. He is the only Italian to have won an Oscar for directing, considering that Frank Capra, also a recipient of the award, was Italian but a naturalised American.


The Dreamers is a 2003 film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The film is based on Gilbert Adair’s short story The Holy Innocents, which tells the story of the political passions and sexual revolutions of a pair of brothers in the Paris of 1968.

A scene from the film The Dreamers

During the students’ occupation of the Cinémathèque française, Matthew meets the beautiful Isabelle, who is immediately open and introduces her new friend to her twin brother Théo. Matthew begins to grow fond of his new French friends, who invite him to come and stay with them.

A scene from the film The Dreamers

The more you look at it, everything, this table, the objects on it, the refrigerator, this room, your nose, the world, suddenly, you realise that there’s some sort of cosmic harmony of shapes and sizes.

- The Dreamers (2003)

We felt as if we were drifting out to sea, leaving the world far behind us.

- The Dreamers (2003)

Maybe, too, the screen was really a screen. It screened us… from the world.

But there was one evening in the spring of ’68 when the world finally broke through the screen.

- The Dreamers (2003)
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